The Sustainable Drug Discovery Network is a cross-disciplinary network at University of Copenhagen, funded by the Rectorate of the university. The network brings together scientists from all faculties to discuss, formulate, and initiate research projects on sustainable drug discovery from renewable resources – such as traditional medicinal plants with local indigenous ownership – with the aim of future bioproduction of sustainable drugs.

We focus on sustainability in all parts of the chain from discovery and development to production and societal implementation. This raises a series of scientific, ethical, societal and legal sustainability challenges best solved in strong interdisciplinary research environments, which we aim to foster. In particular we focus on these five sustainability challenges:

  1. How do we prepare for the unknown (multi-drug resistance, pandemic preparedness, push-pull)?
  2. How can we advance sustainable lifestyle (One Health, equality in green transition and drug design)?
  3. Which technologies aid green transition and how do they affect humans? 
  4. How can we sustainably develop Nature’s treasure chest (high-value compound discovery, indigenous rights, benefit-sharing, biopiracy)?
  5. How do we build a green production and waste-conscious paradigm of benign-by-design medicinal compounds?

If you are interested in contributing, no matter your field, you are an important voice. Let’s hear from you. 

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Output from dialogue meeting at HEALTH June 2nd 2022 can be found here

Output from dialogue meeting at SCIENCE September 21nd 2022 can be found here

Output from dialogue meeting at HUM-JUR November 8th 2022 can be found here